Food is important to me. Growing up along Manhattan’s 2nd ave, I have a lot of prerequisites when it comes to eating. My premature food samplings of Poughkeepsie found me dissapointed. True, I entered college with an understanding that eating would become a low-tier priority. However, my disdain persisted. I felt destined to a college career riddled by the processed eats of […]

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Personal Poughkeepsie Goals

This weekend my humble home hosted a few Ghosts of Poughkeepsie Past. I had a good chance to poll the masses on unspent Po-town hopes: take better advantage of the soft serve machine, indulge in a gigantic Spanky’s margarita, construct a homemade raft for some Hudson cruising, go to class. Nostalgia was flying everywhere. Pizza […]

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My name’s Molly and I am a senior at Marist College. On the study side, I’m an English major with a minor in Creative Writing. Outside of the classroom, I’m a four-year member of the Women’s Water Polo team. My time in Poughkeepsie has been filled with adventure. This blog serves to perpetuate and expand that standard!